H.H. Huckeba Trophy Anna Davis Gemini

Bowman Perpetual Trophy Doug Martin Olympiad

Capt. Nathan Levy Perpetual David Perling Pristine

Marvous Mostellar Perpetual Bobbie Reed & Don Schwarz Louise Odier, Mme Isaac Pereire, Granny Grimmetts, Sombreuil, General Jacqueminot, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Mme Hardy, Mme Plantier, Reine des Violettes, Francis Dubreuil, Ferdinand Pichard, Reve d'Or

Hastings Bowl No award

Dorothy Huie Memorial Trophy Anna Davis Poulsen's Pearl

Billie Marsh Perpetual Trophy Anna Davis Miss Flippins

Maibelle Dickey Hodgins Perpetual Trophy

No entries

Bill Baker Trophy No entries

Robert H. Snyder Perpetual Trophy

Anna Davis Ballerina, Lillian Austin, Abraham Darby, Jude the Obscure

Queen of Show Sandy & Bob Lundberg Louise Estes

King of Show Cindy Dale Helen Naude

Princess of Show Jack Haynie Signature

Court Sandy & Bob Lundberg Secret

Court Anna Davis Kardinal

Court Linda & Walt Reed Gemini

Fully Open HT & Grandiflora Cindy Dale Chicago Peace

Hybrid Tea Spray No award

Grandiflora Spray Linda & Walt Reed Cherry Parfait

Single-Type Hybrid Tea Anna Davis Amber Star

Floribunda Spray Anna Davis Poulsen's Pearl

Floribunda one bloom per stem Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy Sunsilk

Polyantha Spray Marcia Faglier Mothersday

Climber Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy American Pillar

Classic Shrub: Hybrid Musk Duane & Cathy Farmer Cornelia

Classic Shrub: Hyb Kordesii, Moyesii, Rugosa

Linda & Walt Reed Hansa

Best Classic Shrub Duane & Cathy Farmer Cornelia

Modern Shrub: David Austin Cindy Dale Graham Thomas

Modern Shrub: All Other Anna Davis Bonica

Best Classic Shrub Anna Davis Bonica

OGR: Alba & Hybrid Gallica Diane Snyder Mme Plantier

OGR: Centifolia & Moss Bobbie Reed & Don Schwarz Fantin-Latour

OGR: Hybrid China, Tea, Noisette

Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy Irene Watts

OGR: Bourbon Bobbie Reed & Don Schwarz Louise Odier

OGR: Hybrid Perpetual Nancy Miller Reine des Violettes

OGR: Damask, Portland, All Other OGRs

Linda & Walt Reed Rose de Rescht

DOWAGER QUEEN Bobbie Reed & Don Schwarz Louise Odier

VICTORIAN QUEEN Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy Irene Watts

Species Roses Jane Zinn Rosa Mundi (Rosa gallica versicolor)

Rose in a Bowl Doug Martin Abracadabra

English Box Exhibition Linda & Walt Reed Dublin, Gemini, White Success, New Zealand

English Box Fully Open Spider Harper Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Lincoln, Lynn Anderson, Medallion

Artist's Palette No award

Collection: HT/Grandiflora Victoria Fleming Whisper

Collection: Floribunda/Polyantha Anna Davis Permanent Wave

Collection: Floribunda one bloom Linda & Walt Reed Betty Boop

Collection: Climbers Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy American Pillar

Collection: Shrubs Jane Zinn Mary Rose, Belle Story

Collection: OGR or Species Cindy Dale Sombreuil

Matching HT & Mini Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy Silverhill, Moonstone

Picture This Doug Martin Pascali

Fragrance Lynn Elson Fragrant Cloud

Novice Victoria Fleming Whisper

Youth No entries

Judges Paul & Charlotte Blankenship Hot Princess, Andrea Stelzer, Brooks Red, Paul Neyron, Dainty Bess, Playgirl, Sweet Vivian, Poulsen's Pearl

Mini Queen Sandy & Bob Lundberg Dr. John Dickman

Mini King Cindy Dale Conundrum

Mini Princess Sandy & Bob Lundberg Charismatic

Mini Court Susan Clingenpeel & Bruce Leroy Tiffany Lynn

Mini Court Marcia Faglier Kristin

Mini Court Sandy & Bob Lundberg Bella Via

Fully Open Mini/MiniFlora Marcia Faglier Olympic Gold

Single-Type Mini Marcia Faglier Crazy Dottie

Mini Spray Anna Davis Miss Flippins

Mini Rose in a Bowl Sandy & Bob Lundberg Tiffany Lynn

Mini English Box Exhibition Marcia Faglier Ruby, Pierrine, Kristin

Mini English Box Fully Open No award

Mini Artist's Palette Sandy & Bob Lundberg Dr. John Dickman, Bees Knees, Jumping Jack Flash, Sam Trivett, Pierrine

Collection: 3 One-bloom Mini Sandy & Bob Lundberg Dr. John Dickman

Collection: 5 One-bloom Mini Sandy & Bob Lundberg Glowing Amber

Collection: Mini Sprays Jane Zinn Popcorn

Collection: Mini Cycle of Bloom Sandy & Bob Lundberg Bees Knees

Pretty As A Picture Sandy & Bob Lundberg Soroptimist International

Found Rose No award

BEST IN SHOW Anna Davis Poulsen's Pearl


MINI SWEEPSTAKES Sandy & Bob Lundberg



Traditional Mass "Mona Lisa Smile" Jan & Julie Payne Moonstone, Louise Estes, Seven Sisters, St. Patrick

Royalty Award, Gold Certificate

Traditional Line/Line-Mass "Silver Streak"

Jan & Julie Payne Fabulous, Uncle Joe

Bronze Certificate

Modern Underwater "Big Fish" No entries

Oriental "Snow Falling On Cedars" No award

Functional Tray "The Man Who Came to Dinner"

No award

Exhibition Table "Arsenic & Old Lace" Bobbie Reed Chihuly

Novice "Return of the King" No award

Mini Traditional Mass "Elf" Marcia Faglier Hot Tamale

Mini Royalty, Mini Gold Certificate

Mini Tradtional Line/Line-Mass "Cat In the Hat"

Marcia Faglier Jilly Jewel, Incognito

Bronze Certificate

Mini Modern "Men In Black" Mary Alice Phinney Irresistible

Mini Oriental "Cold Mountain" Edna Griner Sunny Afternoon, Katy Lampkin

Fresh Roses/Dried Materials "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Marcia Faglier Jilly Jewel, Jean Kenneally, Gala, Heather Mist, Marie Jeannette

Duchess Award, Silver Certificate

Judges "Vertigo" Joanne Maxheimer Hot Tamale


George A. Harbour Trophy Marcia Faglier Hot Tamale

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