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Rose Vendors in Review

The compilations below comes from a survey of posters to the GardenWeb Roses Forum in the spring.  The posters were asked to rate rose vendors on both Quality/Value and Customer Service.  Each report typically provides a narrative with each numerical evaluation detailing what the reporter experienced, both good and bad.   The commentary usually addresses matters including the grade of the rose, size, whether it was virused, relative cost including shipping, whether it was shipped on time and arrived in good condition, labeled correctly, and if a problem occurred whether it was corrected adequately and in a timely manner.  That detailed commentary is very important but not included here due to space limitations.  The intent of the numerical summary is to provide some general feedback how each company is viewed relative to others and provide a give some indication of the consistency of their product and service.

The rating shown is the average of the Quality/Value rating and the Customer Service rating.  The number of reports is important because it indicates where many of the reporters are buying their roses.  Ratings based on just a few reports are not considered statistically accurate.  Care should be exercised not to give too much credence to a rating with just a few reports because it could have been unfairly swayed by one report either high or low.  Conversely,  vendors given high marks by many reporters are probably a fairly safe bet.

The percent dissatisfaction represents the number of ratings for either Quality/Value or Customer Service below 7.0 (judged as dissatisfied) as a percentage of the total number of reports.   For example, some customers may have perfect orders, others may have received mislabeled roses.   This rating gives some indication of consistency and the likelihood that you might experience a problem based on the experience of the reporters.

While consumer reports are not an exact science, there were no great surprises in the tabulated results.  The companies generally viewed as excellent are toward the top of the list and those generally viewed as more problematic are toward the bottom.  Use your own judgment in selecting the companies you choose to due business with.  This survey was intended to be used only as an indication of the experience of a limited number of your fellow rosarians to aid your decision making process.

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